Dear Sweet Friend,

Thank you so much for visiting my site! I created this blog during a time of deep reflection within myself and my purpose as a Christian, mother, friend and writer. My intent in writing the posts you read on my blog is of a very genuine purpose. I am here as a support to you. To be your cheerleader. To lift you up. To let you know that your experiences as a woman and mother are not meant to be faced alone. Sometimes, I go very deeply into my own personal struggles. Sometimes, I am here to share a toddler terror story to hopefully spark a much-needed belly-laugh. Sometimes, my post may bring you to tears.

I am here to share life. And I love to hear from my readers. It’s my favorite thing about writing. Even if my post inspired just one very special person, my heart will be full.

Please check back daily. My mind never stops moving. The thoughts never slow down. I have post ideas piled up daily.

Blessings and Prayers,


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