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Have you ever felt like you deserved something? Like you worked harder than you have ever labored before in your life, and you can’t justify any reason not to earn that promotion you’ve been yearning for. That you’ve poured your entire heart-and-soul into a project or activity, and you believe nothing less than “winning” will do. Or maybe […] Read more…


Ten Awesome Things: April

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Good morning, sweet friends! Today, I am linking up with one of my beautiful blogger friends, Anne, from Love the Here Now, to share some of my most favorite (and awesome) things for the month of April. Ten, to be exact! I have fallen in love with writing these posts. Just the perfect reminder of the […] Read more…


Meaningful Moments: March

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I have to say, sweet friends, making it a habit to practice daily, purposeful gratitude of the beauty and joy that surrounds life right now has been such an unforeseen blessing. An incredible change in perspective. Attitude. Life in general. Taking note of those sweet, “small” moments in our existence that add up to bring […] Read more…


April Goals

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Welcome, April! Finally, one of my favorite months of all. Spring. Sunshine. Easter. Gorgeous flowers. Mild weather. You could not have arrived at a better time! And, you know what, sweet friends? Not a day passed by that I did not think about my goals that I had made at the beginning of last month. It was so refreshing […] Read more…


The Fear of Striking Out

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One year. I c.a.n.n.o.t. believe it has been one full year since I apprehensively pressed the no-turning-back “publish” button. With hands shaking. After having abandoned my writing for nearly three years. While shamefully and exhaustedly pushing through each day, quietly battling something that I had let completely rule my life. Opening the doors to my […] Read more…


Unlocking Your Grown-Up Dream

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Good morning, sweet friends, and happy Friday! (I would say, “finally”, but we are on one chilly spring break over here, so hopefully you are staying much warmer than we are…) I am hanging out over at Grace for Moms today, posting about the importance of following your grown-up dreams. I hope you will take a […] Read more…


Do you really mean it?

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We live in a society that thrives on “busy”. Moving at the speed of light. Jam-packing our schedules. Rolling through from sunrise to sunset, with barely a breath in between. Often times spending more time with social media than with our own here-on-Earth families. Opting for text messages versus a voice-to-voice, personable phone call. Sending […] Read more…


When Perfectionism Meets Survival

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Isn’t it uncanny? How nealy e.v.e.r.y. time we find ourselves planning for an upcoming event, travel or other big “move”, something seems to roll into our path, causing us to feel as though we are falling short, or unable to prepare as we had hoped? As a child, it never seemed to fail…ER visits on […] Read more…


In His Time

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I am “that” girl. Yup. That one. Whose mind is miles ahead of her body. Planning out future moves. Spinning through a movie reel of how life will unfold “just-so”. Thinking I’ve got it all under control. And continuously praying that it will somehow remotely play out like I wish and hope it will. But you […] Read more…


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