Embracing this Season

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Just a little over a week ago, life could not get much crazier. My arms were w-i-d-e open, ready to fully encircle our upcoming fall break with nothing short of a bear hug. I remember thinking, while sitting in work meetings the week before, looking around at my wonderful coworkers, and listening to their plans […] Read more…


The Middlest One…

| Mommyhood

Ummm, wow, how I never could have predicted that what-was-supposed-to-be-a-casual-and-fun fall afternoon outside would lead to such a m.a.j.o.r. life lesson for Miss Observant and Monkey yesterday. I am really sure what is sparking all of the irritation by Miss O, but she has not. been. very. nice. to Monkey lately. Yes, they have been together 24-7 […] Read more…

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Wanna know a secret?

| Womanhood

Do you wanna know a secret? Because I have one to confess… I love blogging. (Nope, that’s not it.) I love sharing my writing with others, and I actually feel like a pretty good writer. (Still not it.) I am way more apprehensive to share what I write with the closest people in my life […] Read more…


“I Spy…”

| Mommyhood

Five boys. We had hoped for our own basketball team. We have both always been highly involved in athletic/sports, so we just assumed boys would be a great fit for us. Yet here we stand at the moment, with three precious girls. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. I l.o.v.e. having girls. Fun […] Read more…

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Red Light, Green Light

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A recent post from my previous website, www.simplycomplexmom.blogspot.com, and one I thought would be great to share with those busy and amazing women and mommas out there… Do you ever feel like you are participating in a real-life game of “Red-Light, Green-Light”? Like you go-and-go-and-go-and-go-and-go, until something stops you square in your tracks. And when that red light suddenly […] Read more…

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Her World/My World

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Boots. Winter boots. This was the cause behind one m.a.j.o.r. up-the-stairs-into-the-bathroom-and-hide-behind-the-toilet-scream-and-run fit by Monkey this afternoon. Followed by this momma swooping her up and carrying her straight to the vehicle after work, shoeless and tears streaming down her sweet little face. Wow. Monkey in the middle. Middle = the issue. She gets hand-me-downs. And with […] Read more…

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Strong. Weary. Woman.

| Faith, Womanhood

Strong. Weary. Woman. Do you know one? Don’t think so?! Look around again. She is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. ~holding down a job while supporting her family ~at home, spending every waking minute tending to her child(ren) ~career-driven, giving-it-her-all, yet not sure the effort is worth the exhaustion ~newly-expectant, experiencing the joys and worries of motherhood for the […] Read more…

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Create the Things…

| Faith

So here we are. A work in progress for over three months. I just c.o.u.l.d.n.’t. make the leap. But the time has come. If I keep putting off change (oh how that word makes me cringe), I don’t think there is anyway I will reach what I feel I am supposed to achieve through the […] Read more…

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