The Bridge

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At first, it was just me. You weren’t even a glimmer in my mind. Through the night-feedings. The early-morning cuddles. The midday naps. The evening tears. Through the first steps. The puddle-jumping. The mess-making. Through the first words. The nighttime stories. The bedtime dance-parties. Through trying new foods. The cooking adventures. The we’ll-clean-it-up-later kitchen messes. […] Read more…


Standing Tall

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Just a few weeks ago, thanks to the gorgeous recent Midwest weather, we were able to take the girls outside to soak up the warmth and sunshine. Sweet Snuggle Bug included. Since we were going to be out for a while, I made an extra bottle, grabbed some diapers and wipes, and we found a […] Read more…


The Forgiveness of Motherhood

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Not a day goes by when I don’t find myself questioning something I did during the last 24 hours as a mother. Bearing the responsibility for four precious beings, plus an overgrown puppy can, at times, place a lot of pressure on this mama’s perfectionist-driven shoulders. -Did we have enough fruits and vegetables? -Did I encourage each of […] Read more…

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The Perfect Family

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A half-dozen months ago or so, a sweet friend posted her pregnancy announcement photo on social media. The family already knew they were having a girl, so they introduced “her” to the rest of the world via ultrasound photo. I was thrilled to comment and read others’ “congratulations” as well, on their precious new addition, […] Read more…



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Yesterday afternoon, a very sweet friend of mine shared a post through social media. A collection of words that would undoubtedly touch a.n.y.o.n.e.’s heart. A story that totally and completely broke mine into a million pieces She prefaced her sharing by requesting prayers for this incredible family. And their fight. Their very public journey. Their […] Read more…


Balloon Rescue

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Grocery store trips. Yesterday morning confirmed that I officially despise them. Ugh. Not because I mind actually going to the grocery store. Nope, that’s not it. Really, it is nice to get out of the house. Pick out the needed food for some new recipes. And feel like I can check one thing off my weekly […] Read more…


The Gift of Response

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We are a.l.l. busy. Goodness knows this. It truly has become a worldwide mantra. Our society today is s.o. v.e.r.y. different from the world in which I grew up. Where families ate together every night. Children played outside until dusk (or longer, in most cases). Photos were developed “in a few days” through actual tangible film. Kids […] Read more…



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Do you ever feel that sting? As in, “I-am-not-exactly-sure-what-I-really-accomplished-today” sting? You know the one…you show up (late) to your daughter’s Halloween school party with store-bought football cupcakes (because that’s the only remotely fall-related item left in the bakery), which, of course, were placed next to the Pinterest-award-winning pumpkin sprinkle cookie treats… … only to be asked, “Why didn’t […] Read more…



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Life. One p.a.s.s.i.o.n.a.t.e. rollercoaster ride. Full of twists and turns. Ups and downs. Smooth-sailing and unexpected shifts. Fascinating, yet incredibly frightening, all wrapped into one whirlwind of a journey. Unpredictable. Which is at the core of the enjoyment of it all, right?! And in the thick of preparations for am upcoming move…remodeling, packing, working soccer practices, games, […] Read more…


The Question I Will Never Ask

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There really are no words to describe the feelings of uneasiness when the questions started pouring in. The inquiries. Curiosities. To which I honestly did not know the answers. Many times trying to hold back the tears. With every ounce of my energy. Forcing the most believable smile I could present. More often than not, […] Read more…


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